Our Referral Service Promise

Timely replies to all referrals, quality assessor recommendations, and the utmost respect for all clients and persons served.

Multiple Ways to Refer

We strive to make the referral process as convenient and efficient as possible. Our clients can choose the method that works best e.g., phone, fax, email or online, with the option to securely upload documents as well.

All in the Details

There are hundreds of details to which Direct IME service staff attend, meeting regulatory guidelines, and turnaround times required by the various provincial jurisdictions, insurance coverages, and Service Level Agreements that we have in place. Federal privacy guidelines like PIPEDA, PHIPA and HIPAA are observed at every step. So, confidential company and claimant health information is protected.

Referral Support

In the IME business, we find a myriad of advantages within the smallest details

Independent Opinions

Independent medical evaluations and file reviews are objective, medically-informed assessments that enable clients to facilitate claims negotiations, settle claims disputes, and determine causality or current and future care needs depending on the claim type.

Start-to-Finish Assistance

Our service professionals are well versed with respect to regulatory guidelines, policy requirements, and legislative frameworks associated with the various clients and jurisdictions served, including the SABS and the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

In addition to coordinating all aspects of the examination, file review or other service requested, we can provide additional assistance as required, including arranging accommodations, interpretation, and transportation services.

Just-in-Time Support

In some cases, diagnostic reviews and/or testing is required. Direct IME can assist with scheduling for most diagnostic tests including bone, CT and MRI scans, EMG and more. Our services are available where you need them, when you need them.

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