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Interested in providing IMEs and want to know more about the services and benefits?  Learn the qualifications to becoming an assessor.

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Gain immediate access to a range of professional, qualified assessors who can provide benefits and services that your client needs.

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Why work with Direct IME?

Direct IME provides independent medical evaluation and related services to property and casualty insurers, group disability insurers, employers, law firms, and government agencies.

Medical Evaluation

We offer a range of medical assessments including functional capacity evaluations and vocational assessments. *NEW* Now offering virtual assessment services.

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Medical File Review

We will find the appropriate expert to competently review, assess and report on your medical file.

Vocational Assessment and Reports

Our quality assurance process ensures that all reports, reviewed for content, accuracy and professionalism, are ready to serve.

We Got You Covered

Our large roster of doctors ensures we got the specialty you’re looking for.

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