Dr. Sudol is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and duly licensed to practice Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation since January 2012.

She is currently a staff physiatrist at both the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Clinic and Alder Medical Clinic consulting on complex medical issues such as spinal cord trauma, amputations, multi-traumas, and neuromuscular disorders with a strong interest in spasticity.

Dr. Sudol received her medical degree from the University of Alberta in 2004, completing her residency in 2009 through the University of British Columbia.  She is also fellow-ship trained in electromyography.  She has been qualified as an expert witness in the BC Supreme Court multiple times since 2012 with a wealth of favorable feedback in terms of her expert testimony, court presence and solidity of her expert reports relied upon.

Trial Experience

Dr. Sudol was cross-examined extensively on those records. She was aware that the plaintiff has suffered migraines in her life and that in 2007 there was an increase in symptoms of migraines and vomiting. However, she thought the plaintiff was still engaged in many of her normal daily activities prior to the subject accident. Like Dr. O’Connor, I found Dr. Sudol to be a very good witness.

Gicizi v. Kandola2014 BCSC 508

I found Dr. Sudol’s expert report and testimony to be reliable, objective, and balanced, and she was not shaken on cross-examination

Juelfs v. McCue2019 BCSC 1195

Given the complicated nature of this case, involving an interplay of physical and psychological symptoms and pre-existing conditions that were potentially exacerbated by the accident, it was my opinion that a highly qualified and experienced expert in the field of physiatry would be required to properly assess the plaintiff. I am familiar with Dr. Sudol’s work and was confident that she would be able to handle such a complex case.

Dr. Sudol is an experienced physiatrist and medical legal expert. In my experience, given the complicated nature of the plaintiff’s pre-existing symptoms, the work done, and the thoroughness of Dr. Sudol’s report, the total amount charged was within the range of what other experienced physiatrists charge for their reports and I found her invoice reasonable.

Rahmatian v. Tisdall2018 BCSC 1504

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