Public Safety is Our Priority

We have been making constant improvements to our safety practices to keep everyone safe during our in-person assessments. We must all play our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of all staff, clients, and assessors, we will be strictly enforcing the following precautionary measures demonstrated below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Physical Barrier between you and reception to prevent respiratory droplets
Separated seating to encourage physical distancing. Four maximum in the lobby.
High-grade air purifier to filter any airborne particles
Motion-sensor hand sanitizer dispenser
Mask-only area signs and other safety instructions

Physical Distancing & Screening

  • Our staff rotates between working from home and being in-office bi-weekly
  • Staff and assessors have a self-check log to keep track of how many people are entering
  • We enforce an in-office mask policy for everyone entering
  • Our office has a maximum occupancy of 12 individuals at any given time
  • Our waiting room has a maximum occupancy of 4 at any given time
  • Our elevators has a maximum occupancy of 2 (if not the same family)
  • Everyone prior to entering the office has their temperature checked
  • A COVID-19 pre-screening form is filled prior to all appointments
The assessor will enter first and will be behind the barrier.
A physical barrier to help prevent transmission of droplets.
Hand sanitizer always readily available
Person-served sit across from the assessor during the history portion and are the last to enter and first to leave
Doorhandles are covered in anti-microbial material and are wiped after every assessment

Personal Sanitization & Protection

  • Motion sensor hand sanitizer dispenser outside of the office
  • Plexiglass sneeze guards installed at reception counter and in exam rooms.
  • All staff, assessors, and person-served will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entry or re-entry.
  • All staff, assessors, and person-served will be asked to wear masks when in contact with others.
  • Antimicrobial film applied to all high-touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, bathroom keys).

Frequent Surface Sanitization

Lobby, offices, and exam rooms will be sanitized following the CDC and BC CDC guidelines, and by using an approved disinfectant (Benzalkonium chloride 5%). Cleaning duties are also logged in each room to know when was the last time it was cleaned and by who.

Lobby Exam Rooms Offices
Frequently – After each encounter with an outside visitor (person-served, courier, etc) Frequently – After each assessment Daily – At the end of each day

CDC Guidelines

Our company has been using the CDC guidelines to make sure we’re following the best practices when it comes to your safety. For further information on how we’re keeping you safe, you can view the full CDC guidelines in the links below.

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